Massage is a form of bodywork which is based on theories of anatomy and physiology and works to relieve pain, stress and patterns of dysfunction in the body.


The best style for relieveing day-to-day stress and anxiety. This massage relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow by using a slower deeper stroke to relieve muscular tension. Often, the therapist's focus tends to be more "muscle specific" in resolving chronic conditions or overuse syndrome.

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Fire Cupping

Cupping is a common technique used to supplement acupuncture treatment. Cupping involves creating a vacuum by suctioning out of the oxygen under a plastic cup while it is placed on the patient's skin. This technique is particularly useful for various types of muscular pain in the back and extremities. These conditions are thought to be the result of stagnant blood and Qi. Cupping helps to move the stagnation. Benefits of Cupping •Decreased pain •Increased circulation •Releases stress and te